Meena walks out of Adhivasiyum Adhisayapesiyum

Until a few months ago, actress Meena’s market value was down and no film offers were on her list. At that time, the actress had agreed to do a role in the Senthil starrer movie Adhivasiyum Adhisayapesiyum. Now with Kuselan in her kitty, offers have started poring in again for the actress.

Hence meena has demanded a pay rise from the producers of Adivasiyum Athisayapesiyum movie which the producers were not able to afford and the actress has conviniently walked out of her commitment to the movie.

Adhivasiyum Adhisayapesiyum movie would be produced by PB Babu and Sivaramakrishnan for a new company BBC International. The shooting of the movie is to be done in the forest areas of Malaysia and South America. The theme of the movie is based on the famous South African film The Gods Must be Crazy, a crazy goofy movie rocked in the eighties in which a African tribal faces the scientific modern world in the form an empty coke bottle. In Tamil the coke bottle has been replaced with a Cell phone. The entire movie would be shot in Malaysia. The movie will have comedian Senthil and comedians like Mayilsamy, Vyapuri and Ramesh Aravind are also in the crew of this comedy riot. The camerawork will be by Kasi Viswa. Music will be composed by Chakri.