Its one of those movies which is a must watch. Selvaraghavan has returned with his true form, solid story and his favorite hero in Mayakkam Enna. The movie has well defined characters, excellent screen play and beautiful music.

Karthik(Danush) is a freelance photographer who wants to become like his idol Madesh who is a award winning wildlife photographer. Karthik has a close set of friends Sunder, Shankar, Padmini and Vindhya. They are supportive of Karthik and call him Genius. One day, Sundar comes with Yamini (Richa), his girlfriend.

Though initially Karthik and Yamini start off on a wrong foot, they are attracted to each other. Sunder’s father when he learns of this convinces sunder and other friends, gets Karthik and Yamini married.

Karthik desperately wants to join Madesh as a assistant and gives him a set of wildlife photographs to consider. Madesh plagarises one of Karthik;s photo and wins award. Karthik is unable to bear the betrayal and goes into a depression.

The rest of the story is about strong belief of Yamini that her husband is a genius and how she is supportive and strives to make him successful.

The movie has a balanced mix of friendship, romance, betrayal and sacrifice. Danush is outstanding in his performance and gives a award winning performance. Even though its a debut Tamil movie for Richa, she has immense potential and gives a performance on par with Danush. GV prakash music is excellent and his back ground score adds immense depth to some of the silent scenes.

Mayakkam Enna just rocks.
Mayakkam Enna
Cast: Dhanush, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sunder Ramu, Mathivanan Rajendran, Pooja Balu, Soni Barring, Rajiv Choudhry
Direction: Selvaraghavan
Production: Aum Productions
Music: GV Prakash