Lakshmi Movie makers has remade the 1978 super hit Jagan Mohini by Vittalacharya and does a good job with the remake of the classic. Take the plot original plot and add good amount of modern day graphics and a few minor twists from the original and voila we have the brand new Jagan Mohini. The movie is directed by N.K. Vishwanathan.

Namitha plays the part of JaganMohini and has replaced Jeyamalini as the ghost cum girl with unrequited love. The story reminds us of the yesteryear story told to us by our grandmothers where there is a perfect mix of twists and turns to keep the children and the adults entertained.

The movie has a handsome Prince Jagathalapradhapan(Raja) who falls in love with the beautiful Mohini(Namitha). Parents oppose as they have chosen a perfect bride Azhagu Nachiyar(Nila) for the Prince and bump off Namitha in the process. Add to this a scheming tantrik (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) who is waiting to take the prince to offer as a human sacrifice to attain the ultimate power of the world.

It is upto Mohini now to return as a ghost Jagan Mohini to unite with her lover and save him from the cruel tantrik.

Namitha has perfectly delivers the necessary glamour and acting required for the role of Mohini. Raja adds to the role well done. The cast also includes includes Vadivelu, Jothi Lakshmi, Riaz Khan and others.

Cast: Namitha, Raja, Vadivelu, Nila
Director: N.K. Vishwanathan
Music: Ilayaraja

Jagan Mohini