Born in Kolkata and now a resident of Mumbai, Reema Sen has made it big in south Indian cinema, especially Tamil cinema. Her latest release is `Vallavan’ in Tamil, which was out on Deepavali day. Here, Reema Sen talks about her work and future.

I am a sensitive person who has an amazing amount of self-confidence. Whatever decision I take is always by me. I stand by it and do not brood over it.

I have always been comfortable before the camera, right from the first take for a Rexona ad. I do not get intimidated by crowds. I have stage fear, but when I stand before the camera I somehow feel comfortable. My first film was `Chitram’ in Telugu directed by Teja. The hero of the film was Uday Kiran.

I have worked in about 25 films so far, eight in Tamil, one in Kannada, and five in Hindi. The rest are in Telugu. The recent Hindi film in which I starred `Malaamal Weekly’, directed by Priyadharsan and released in March, was a big hit.

If I were to choose the best from among my movies, I think `Minnale’ directed by Gautham Menon was the best. As a director he gets the best out of an artist, and I like his way of working. The list also has `Chellame’ by Gandhi Krishna. I believe that all my directors are special. How can I forget working with directors Dharani (in `Dhool’), Sunder C, and now with Simbu in `Vallavan’? Each film took me to a different plane of acting and I am thankful to all of them.

My sister, Deisha, is my best critic… and, a hard-hitting one at that. She will point out all my minus points first and then console me by saying some good things. She is particular that I watch my figure and not put on weight. She also takes note when I mispronounce words, as I do not read or write Tamil and Telugu. But, I can understand what somebody is saying in those languages.

I have not seen too many Tamil or Telugu movies to name many good actors in them. I like Kajol. One must get some good roles to become a star, and she got them… I also like her spontaneity in acting.

`Vallavan’ was released last week. I placed my trust in Simbu and did the role. I spent nearly a year-and-a-half in it. The film is special to me. I had earlier expressed my wish during interviews about how I would like to do anti-roles and psycho characters. We have all given our best to the movie, and I want the film to be a hit.

At present, I am working in `Rendu’ with Madhavan as the hero. Sunder C is directing it. This is the second film I am doing with Sunder C. He is one director who is clear about what he needs from an actor. I have a feeling that everybody will like the movie.

I do not plan for the future. I always go by instinct. Normally, things do not go as planned, and I always get disappointed. So, I do not plan anything and do whatever I want to do. I am superstitious about it.