Officials of the Central Board of Film Certification watched Rajini-starrer “Sivaji: The Boss” at the AVM Studios preview theatre in Chennai earlier this week and passed the film.

The film has been given ‘U’ certificate which means it can be viewed by children and adults. The censors found no controversial scenes, according to sources.

‘Sivaji-The Boss’, Starring Rajinikanth directed by Shankar and produced by AVM Productions is to hit the screens on June 15th.

Recently the censor board of film certification viewed the movie and has asked the film crew to remove two scenes from the movie.

The Censor board members said that the scene where Shreya poses with Rajinikanth with her naval showing is vulgar and asked to remove the scene. But film crew claimed that it is important to have the scene in place for the continuity of a song sequence. Since the members were to adamant to remove the scene,Shankar decided to reshoot the scene in a different angle in a way to convince the members.

similarly one among the Vivek’s comedy scene is also asked to remove from the movie as it refelcts double meaning dialogues. Apart from these two censor removals, Board of film certification praised ‘Sivaji-the boss’ as a movie of good story and has given a ‘U’ certificate.

‘Sivaji-the boss’ movie will run for 3 hours and it is screened in 19 theatres in chennai alone. The  reelpotti of the movie is under tight security to avoid pirated VCD’s.