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The much talked about and waited movie since Sivaji: The Boss, the Ajith Kumar starrer Billa is finally in the theatres.

All the earlier versions of Billa proved to be successful with Amitabh starrer Don and Sharukh starrer Don-the chase begins becoming superhits. Rajinikanth starrer Billa(1980) proved to be a lucky charm for Rajini and upgraded him to a Super star status. But in cinema two plus two does not necessarily make four, but ‘Thala’ Ajith has gone ahead and proves that two plus two is indeed four.

Billa (Ajith) is the leader of an underworld gang. A police officer is tracking down Billa and in one of their confrontation the police officer wounds Billa, resulting in his death of the Don. The officer then remembers a person who looks like Billa and then tracks that person down. The police officer requests Velu, the look-alike to pretend to be Billa so that the police officer can take down the rest of Billa’s gang, Velu requests that the police officer promises him that he will give a proper education to the children that he is looking after. But in an unexpected turn of events the police officer dies.  How Velu goes on and proves that he is not Billa forms the rest of the story. On the other track we have Sasha (Nayantara), who wants to kill Billa to avenge her brother’s death. Then you have Jagdhish, the super boss of the gang (Raguman), and CJ (Namitha), the girl friend of Billa, to add shades to the crime thriller.

The remake of the Billa is slick and will certainly appeal to today’s youth audiences. The movie is chic and stylish through out and Ajit looks sensational and clearly he is at home, playing dual roles of Billa and Velu. The story line is faithful to the 1980 version of Billa.

The weight of the movie has been placed heavily on Ajith’s shoulders and is mainly for the class A audience. Some of the supporting characters like that of ‘Thengai’ Srinivasan in the original Billa have been snipped which makes the burden even more bigger for Ajith but he is handled the burden well in the film.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s tunes and music are pulsating and on the whole Ultimate star Ajith Kumar starrer Billa is worthy remake of the original.