We get to see very few clean family entertainers in recent times. Aarumaname falls into the category of the good old family entertainer where the story is all about something which is happening around us every day.

Debutant director Sudheesh Sankar needs a special mention here for taking in a simple subject, a couple of new faces and coming up with a good movie.

The story revolves around the twists and turns in a family with two brothers and who finally is the worthy son of the father. Vaithai(Deepak) who is a school drop out and is a auto rikshaw driver now. His brother Murthi is opposite to Vaithai and is a engineer. Arunachalam(Rajesh) who is the father of Vaithai is not happy with him but is very proud of his brother Murthi.


Vaithai unknowingly falls in love with Ananthi(Nicole) the sister of the bad brothers who are troubling Murthi to approve a project by bribing him. Murthi is married to Thalaivasal Vijay’s daughter. When Murthi gets killed, enters Kathambari(Karthika) with a child and claims to be Murthi’s wife. How Vaithai clears the problems from himself and his family forms the climax of the story.

Deepak has done a great job for his first time, balancing the emotions, singing and dancing well. Its refreshing to see Nicole as a simple village belle. Rajesh has done a incredible job as the father.

On the whole Aaru Maname is a good wholesome family entertainer. The very original and simple script and acting makes it a film that will be liked by all classes of audiences.

Cast: Deepak, Karthika, Nicole, Mythili, Rajesh, Sriram, Anand, Ponvannan, Thalaivaasal Vijay, Ganja Karuppu
Direction: Sudheesh Sankar
Production: KS Rajan, VS Valsala Rajan
Banner: Al Shola Productions
Music: Srikanth Dev

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