Alexa is a new version of ARRI’s Digital family. Previously arri’s D21 was the digital camera which is part of the film’s look, the same Anand Cine Service which provided us D21 is now also providing us Arri Alexa. Uniqueness of Alexa is its size that it is more flexible to work with.

Anand Cine Service is currently doing the project “Kullanari Kootam” for dra Innovations. They have shot this film in Multi format and are the first people using Alexa in India. The official product launch has been done couple of days before. Their director of photography J.Laxman Kumar says Arri is the leading film cameras, they are coming out with new age Digital cameras. The first one was D21, which they have used in this film and now they have used Alexa.

Arri D21 Alexa Stills