Asks consumers to “Give us your dillicious flavour” and take home fifty lakh rupees & 1% of sales

Lay’s, the world’s and India’s number one potato chips brand, today announced the launch of “Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour” campaign.

Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour, an innovative engagement program, is aimed at getting Lay’s its next potato chips flavour from the Indian consumer. The campaign will give the consumer an opportunity to co-create the flavour they like on Lay’s and also become rich and famous. The winner will receive a mega prize of Rs 50 lakh plus 1% of the sales turnover from the new flavour, which will be launched by the end of May 2010.

The winners will be selected by an elite panel of judges headed by celebrity chef and anchor NDTV Good Times, Aditya Bal, Anuja Chauhan, author and Executive Creative Director and VP of JWT, and Dr T S R Murali, Director, R&D, PepsiCo India. Each panel member brings its own expertise.

Unveiling the campaign here today, Ms Ruchira Jaitly, Vice President Marketing, PepsiCo India (Frito-Lay India division), said, “Considering the diversity of tastes in our country, the campaign surely will be exciting”- engaging millions of Indians to come and express their individuality, tastes and choices. Personally, I am keen to see what interesting and innovative flavour ideas India will give us.

Anuja Chauhan, Executive Creative Director, JWT said, “Just as I have my own take on what flavour I like on Lay’s, every Indian has their favourite too. Personally I am excited how the campaign will go. It has all the ingredients of a great thriller. Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour is being supported by a 360° marketing mix with an idea of consumers expressing their flavour through body art.”

Details on Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour

The campaign is spread over three phases. Consumers across the country will send in their entries between November 2009 to January 2010 and four winning flavours will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges.

In the second phase, the four selected flavours will be launched in the market and out of them one will be chosen as the winner in the final phase. One who gets the largest number of votes will be judged the winner and take home 50 Lakh rupees and 1% of the sales turnover of the flavour.

Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour Creative:

To communicate the thought of Give us Your Dillicious Flavour, JWT has come up with a disruptive visual metaphor that bridges all barriers of language, and cultures across India.

Body Art:

Body Art feels very Indian at its core, borrowing heavily from the practice of tribal self-beautification, kitschy truck and auto-rickshaw painting and cricket fan frenzy. At the same time, it is also cutting edge and international.

So the launch film has Saif Ali Khan being aggressively pursued by consumers who are body painted as their favourite flavour idea. They’re painted as kachi ambi or Achaari Baigan or Chilli Cheese. They pop up at him from everywhere, demanding that he pick their flavour till he turns around and tells them to not tell him, but to tell Lays.

The thought can be executed into multiple media and is being supported by 360° marketing campaign consisting of television commercials, radio, online, outdoor and print advertising.

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Gallery

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Stills

Lays Dillicious Flavour campaign Photo Gallery