Script to Screening in 11 days 23 hours & 45 minutes

Movie Release on APRIL 9th in CANADA

Film Actor, Director, Producer & Guinness Hall of Famer Canada’s #1 record breaker Suresh Joachim of Canada has produced the “Sivappu Mazhai” in 11 days 23 hours and 45 minutes in Chennai India.

“Sivappu Mazai” will be released in Canada and around the world on April 9, 2010. It will be released in more than 20 countries with English subtitles

Suresh took on the leading role along with Meera Jasmine.  The film is directed by V. Krishnamurthy.  Music – Deva, Dialogue – Prabhakar, film editing – V.T. Vijan, Lyrics – Vairamuthu.

Previous Record:  scripting to screening in 13 days for THE FASTEST FORWARD (UK 1990). Produced By Russ Malkin and directed by john Gore (both UK)

Suresh and his team which consist of 1,000 members completed this featured length movie in 11 days 23 hours & 45 minutes.  This movie is 2 hours & 3 minutes long. Andrew Raymond & Suresh Joachim produced this film Under Suresh Joachim Entertainment Inc. & Joachim International Inc.

Strict rules from Guinness World Records:

1. The film produced must have a running time of no less than 75 minutes in length.

2. The clock starts with the meeting /discussion/concept of writing a film script.

3. The clock stops as soon as the completed, classified film appears on the screen at its premiere performance

The film was made in 11 days 23 hours & 45 minutes (starting from writing the story, screenplay, composing 4 songs, title, shooting up to 60 scenes and editing it into a two-hour feature length film.

Sigappu Mazhai

This multi-talented person, who is gifted with various talents, has been breaking world records since 1996.  Suresh has been traveling around the world and has broken world records in four continents.  He drummed continuously for 84 hours, ran 3,495 KM within an hour, every hour for 1000 consecutive hours, ran on a treadmill for 168 hours to cover 659.27km, bowled for 168hrs, carried a 4.5 kg brick in a nominated ungloved hand in an uncradled downward position for 135.5 km, non-stop crawling for 56.62 km, , dribbled a basketball for 156.71 km in 24 hours, ran 100 km on a treadmill in just over 7 hours, 100 hours of continuous dancing, 24 hours moonwalk, non-stop musical performance with band for 42 hours, pushed a car for 19.2 km in 24 hours, watched TV for 69 hours on Regis & Kelly show, Radio DJ 120 hours, watched 56 movies for 123 hours at Netflix movie watching world championship and the list goes on.

The Kollywood film industry and the artistes, who worked on this film, are very satisfied with the results and very proud of this achievement.  This film was made from May 22, 2009 @ 6:30pm to June 3, 2009 @ 6:15pm. Suresh has given an opportunity to two poverty stricken talented sightless person to sing & act in this movie.  By this he wants to expose the exceptional talent this individual was born with.  When releasing the movie he is planning to help 50 children from India who is born with some type of disability.

The most remarkable demonstration of Suresh’s commitment to help suffering children will be the World Peace Marathon.  This incredible journey will begin at 12:00 a.m. on December 25, 2011 in Jerusalem and end at 5:00 p.m. on June 24, 2012 in Toronto Canada.  During his voyage, Suresh will travel through 88 major cities, in 55 countries passing a symbolic peace torch to dignitaries in each place.  The journey will end with the peace torch being handed over to the leader of the country followed by a huge musical celebration.  Once his journey is completed, Suresh will have traveled over 6,000 km, taking him a total of 182 days.  During this time he hopes to raise One Billion dollars for Charity.   Also Suresh Joachim will submit a petition with millions of signatures to make June 24 a world wide cease fire day.  Not only will he be raising funds for the children at the same time, but he will be breaking 20 world records including LARGEST PETITION SIGNED 500,000,000 IN ONE YEAR

Suresh Joachim’s Next Attempt:   Dancing for 150 hours. Most roles played by an Actor in one film 35 (Hollywood).The movie will be directed by Suresh Joachim  who will play lead Actor of 35 characters and associate with directors from Canada USA, China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, & Russia.

Sivappu Mazhai