Sathyam Ecstasy Celebration Cakes – Press Note

Introducing an exclusive range of international Celebration Cakes handcrafted by Chef Mickaël Besse to redefine your celebration.

To Mickaël, cooking is a personal philosophy, passion and way of life. Known for his authentic, innovative creations using seasonal and regional ingredients, Mickaël provides an elegant, imaginative flourish to his international desserts. Handpicked from the world over, each ingredient is enhanced with chef Mickaël’s culinary expertise to complete your celebration.

Come and experience the select range of Celebration Cakes at Ecstasy today!

Mikata : (V/N)

Mikata - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

A combination of whole Figs and Rose Mousseline layered on a Pistachio Financier.

Chocó pot: (V/N)

Chocó pot - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

A delightful mix of Milk chocolate Mousseline and baked Apples layered on a chocolate Financier complemented with Almond Jivara nuts.

Ecstatic (N)

Ecstatic - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

Traditional fruit Gateaux made with seasonal fruit paste and Vanilla Mousseline layered on an Almond biscuit coated with White chocolate glazing and White chocolate Velours.

Chillo (N)

Chillo - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

Chilli Gateaux made with Dark Choco Chilli Crémeux and chocolate Sponge cake coated with Dark chocolate glazing.

Cocoalite (V/N)

Cocoalite - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

A mix of Milk chocolate Mousseline and Cocoa Grué layered on a chocolate Madeleine biscuit coated with Milk chocolate Velours.

Lemolat (N)

Lemolat - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

Interplay of Milk chocolate Crémeux and Lemon Choco Mousse layered on a Pistachio-Lemon Madeleine biscuit and coated with Swiss Meringue.

Calat (N)

Calat - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

A blend of coffee and Dark chocolate Crémeux layered on Chocolate Madeleine biscuit coated with Dark chocolate Velours.

Flak (V)

Flak - Ecstasy Celebration Cakes

Milk chocolate Mousse layered on Feuilletine and Hazelnut praliné coated with Milk chocolate glazing.

(V): Vegetarian only
(N): Non Vegetarian only
(V/N): Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian option available