When Aksharaa spoke of her interests, one was reminded of her father, actor Kamal Haasan’s, current project `Dasaavatharam’, in which he plays 10 roles.

“I really enjoy playing soccer. But, at the moment I’m pursuing fashion designing and dance (jazz). I am also preparing myself to enter the film industry,” said Aksharaa Haasan, who is in her eleventh grade now. She, along with actor Gowthami’s daughter, Subhalaxmi, inaugurated six-year-old Varuna’s painting exhibition on Tuesday.

“Oh, I like being creative but she (Aksharaa) is a lot more creative than I am. She once made a photo frame out of matchsticks,” little Subhalaxmi said eagerly. A Standard II student, she said she enjoyed doing “anything that’s creative.”

And, when an enthusiastic journalist asked if they were good friends, Aksharaa smiled and said, “We’re sisters.”

As Varuna painted a Ganesha in a live demo, Aksharaa and Subhalaxmi closely watched the child’s seemingly effortless strokes morph into a colourful Ganesha in a matter of seconds.

Varuna, a student of AMM Matriculation, expressed fondness for the painting brush when she was barely three. Drawing inspiration from her father, a self-taught artist, she decided to spend more time with colours. The Ganesha was just another example of her fascination for art.

Observing all this quietly was Vaasav Thayumanavan, son of actor Yugi Sethu. “I enjoy writing poems. Seeing all the colours here, I’m tempted to write one more when I get back home,” said the child, who studies in Standard II.

And when the camerapersons were just about done falling over each other to capture the children, actor Suriya’s sudden appearance caused greater excitement. Several clicks later, the guests got to see the child’s paintings. An evidently impressed Suriya, who came along with his sister Brinda, left after a chat with actor Gowthami, who accompanied Aksharaa and Subhalaxmi.

S. Varuna, daughter of Ap. Sreethar is ten years old.

She is very interested in painting and she has created several paintings. Her painting was showcased in an exhibition on 14th November, 2006.

Ms. Aksharaa Hassan, daughter of veteran actor Kamal Haasan and Ms. Subha Laxmi, daughter of actress Gowthami inaugurated the session. Many VIPs including actor Suriya participated in this event.

This exhibition took place at The Pearl room, Presidency Club.