A R Rahman will be known as Dr. Rahman after July this year. Rahman has been identified for an Honorary Degree by Middlesex University, London.

Mr. Joe Victor , Regional Director of Middlesex University, met Mr. A.R.Rahman, Founder Principal and Mr. T.Selvakumar, Co-Founder & CEO of KM Music Conservatory in Chennai and put forward his University’s intend to award an Honorary Doctorate for Mr. A.R.Rahman, at a Graduation Ceremony to be held at Middlesex University, London in July 2009.

AR Rahman, Dr Rahman,Middlesex University, KM Music Conservatory

The KM Music Conservatory has initiated a dialogue with the Regional Director South Asia of Middlesex University, London to explore the possibility of developing an Academic Articulation for the Bachelor of Arts Honours Programmed for Music Composition and Music Performance.

The Degree from Middlesex University is of three years duration. The aim of KMC will be to explore the possibility of offering the first two years of the Middlesex Programme at the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai while the final year will take place at the Middlesex University in London. This Courses are planned to start from January 2010.

Middlesex University, London

Middlesex University is a prestigious institution located in the North of London and has received the highest possible ratings, across all of its programs, from the UK Quality Assurance Agency. The University prides itself in its aim to produce students who make economic, cultural, and social contributions in a growing global community and has affiliated itself to partner institutions across the Globe. This year the Regional Office of Middlesex University is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary in India

KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, India

The KM Music Conservatory along with Audio Media Education, began last year in July 2008, and went on to become the first music conservatory in India to specialize in both Western, Indian music and Music Technology. The school hopes to train Indian students in Western music Performance, Composition and Music Technology at an internationally competitive level, as well as to one day provide India with its own symphony orchestra comprised of its own musicians.

Admissions into KM Music Conservatory’s Preparatory Program and Foundation Program are currently open. Applicants for entrance into the degree program must have a twelfth standard or equivalent education level and have completed one year in the KM Music Conservatory Foundation Program. For more information, please contact  nfo@kmmc.in or visit the website at  http://kmmc.in.