Software testing industry in India is poised to grow leaps and bounds, promising well-paid jobs to thousands of young graduates, including those without an Information Technology background.

With India becoming a software development hub and the industry becoming more quality conscious, the sector has witnessed a huge growth in the last few years, according to industry insiders.

“When we began software testing operations 10 years ago, there was hardly any awareness about its significance. Now there are 12 to 15 big firms involved in third party testing, besides several smaller firms,” said Vanaja Aravind, Executive Director of city-based Thinksoft.

Educational background

According to Thirumal Raj, Head of Testing services of Chennai-based STC ThirdEye Technology, in the fiscal 2007-08, the industry in India is in need of around 25,000 to 30,000 software testers, who need not necessarily be IT professionals.

“Our training centres are inducting students from Arts and Commerce background. This year itself we are sending out around 15,000 trained hands, of which 50 per cent are from non-IT background, from our 14 centres across the country,” Raj added.

Natarajan Padmanabhan of Amitysoft pointed out that there has been an increased awareness about the career prospects in the industry since last year, as 10-12 persons walk in for the training courses in his organisation on a daily basis.

Around 40 per cent of the testers of Thinksoft, which focuses on banking, financial and insurance sectors, have their educational background in economics.