Telecom equipment major Ericsson today announced the launch of the Gram Jyoti Rural Broadband Project, which would introduce benefits of wireless CDMA (W-CDMA)/High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology in rural India, connecting communities to high speed internet services for the first time.

This pilot project showcases the benefits of mobile broadband applications across 18 villages and 15 towns near Chennai.

Through this, the communities can access a wide range of services like telemedicine, e-education, e-governance, online local information like local rates for agricultural products, video conferencing and live TV and entertainment.

“It has initially been introduced in three centres,” P Balaji, Vice-President, Marketing and Strategy, Ericsson India Pvt Ltd, told a press conference here today.

“We are looking at taking this to one lakh villages across the country,” he said.