ebm-Nadi today announced its expansion plans with the inauguration of a new warehouse with 1,000 pallets capacity having an advanced RFID-enabled inventory control system. This new facility with an investment of Euro 1 million was inaugurated by Hans-Jochen Beilke, CEO, ebm-papst Group, Germany, in Chennai today.

ebm-Nadi International Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture forged in 1996 with the majority stake of 51 per cent being held by ebm–papst, Germany, and 49 per cent equity share by the Kamdar family for the manufacture of world-class instrument cooling fans.

J B Kamdar, managing director, ebm-nadi International Pvt Ltd, said, “With a 300 per cent growth in business over the last three years, it became necessary to further expand the plant capacity and infrastructure. The existing facilities produce 600 axial fans per day, while the new facility will help produce another 200 radial fans per day. These are specifically used in the telecom industry as well as the panel air-conditioners and heat exchanger industry.

Hans-Jochen Beilke, CEO, ebm-papst Group, Germany, said the ebm-papst group sees India as an important, fast-growing and technology-driven market. “Therefore, we are committed to improve the infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities of ebm-Nadi on an on-going basis. In keeping with this philosophy, we have invested Euro 1 million (Rs 5.6 crore) in a new warehouse and additional manufacturing facility. We propose to invest Euro 5 million (Rs 28 crore) in additional land, building and machinery by 2010.

Hans-Jochen Beilke said the ebm-papst group currently produces 200,000 fans a day in 16 manufacturing plants worldwide with an annual sales turnover of over Euro 1 billion (Rs 5,600 crore). The company has also introduced their new range of energy efficient fans into the Indian market.

One of the salient features of this joint venture is that ebm-papst ensures that ebm-Nadi receives the latest machines and contemporary manufacturing technology which is as good as the rest of ebm-papst plants the world over.

ebm-papst Germany also ensures that highly trained and experienced engineers from Germany regularly visit ebm-Nadi to see that the sophisticated machines are working at optimum capacity and the quality of the products is as good as the fans produced elsewhere by ebm-papst.

Kamdar added, “With the continued support of ebm-papst, Germany, ebm-Nadi proposes to introduce a wider range of fans with greater flexibility in product range, quicker deliveries and maximum efficiency. The fans are used in every area of air movement in the industry – like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, refrigeration, humidifier, heat exchangers, clean room equipment, telecom base stations, server cooling, automotive, electronics and railways.”

ebm-Nadi lists three prime reasons for success of the joint venture:

* overwhelming support and keen involvement of the joint venture partner (ebm-papst Germany) by providing the latest technology and financial support

* the winning combination of ebm-papst technology and the skillful as well as cost-effective workforce in India

* the experience of ebm-Nadi to manufacture/market the products and service the products to the satisfaction of the customers

ebm-Nadi is confident that, the industry being extremely buoyant, the demand for equipment cooling fans will increase constantly, Kamdar said.

The turnover of ebm-Nadi, India, has grown from Rs 300 million in 2005-2006 to Rs 420 million in 2006-07 and will touch Rs 850 million in 2007-2008.