If you are a fan of whodunit crime thirller where you sit at the edge of your seat, biting your nails and there is a sudden twist in the climax then Sindhanai Sei is the movie for you.  Directors are willing to experiment with their movies and this is definitely a refreshing change to Tamil cinema.

New comer Yuvan has directed and played the lead role for Sindhanai Sei and is about 5 childhood friends and their journey through a life of crime.  Five school friends Yuvan, Bala, Seshanth, Nithish Kumar, Sabi are not the studious lot of thier class.  Their lives then takes a turn with unemployment, infidelity and disappointments. At one point in their adult life they all get together and to set their lives straight embark on  a journey of yet another crime of robbing a bank.

Sindhanai Sei Movie Review

Every detail is planned well for the 5 crore roberry and its a cake walk for the 5 friends until greed sets in. The rest of the plot brings in all the aspects of friendship and betrayal to end in a nail biting climax.

First time director Yuvan has done his dual role of director and actor with ease and keeps the audience glued to the storyline. His love intrest Madhu, has done her job well. Bala, Seshanth, Nithish Kumar, Sabi are commendable as Yuvan’s friends and partners in crime.

On the whole, Sindhanai Sei is a good first time effort and leaves you with something to think about.

Cast: Yuvan, Bala, Seshanth, Nithish Kumar, Sabi, Madhu Sharma, Dharsha
Direction: Yuvan
Music: Thaman.
Production: RMA Film Factory