Paruthi Veeran strikes gold

Though the film Paruthi Veeran has become a big engrosser at the box office, the director of the film Ameer is still waiting for the reimbursement of his own money spent on the film after the producer dropped the project half-way.

When Ameer launched the project with Actor Sivakumar’s son Karthi, K.E.Gnanavel Raaja came forward to produce the film under his banner Studio Green. He has already produced Sillunu Oru Kadhal under this banner.

But at one stage, the producer found that the budget of the film has gone out of his control. According to Ameer, the producer stopped all his financial supports and decided to withdraw from the project. But for Ameer it was a crucial project and he wasn’t ready to give away the film half way through. He completed the film with his own money and screened it to Sivakumar and everybody involved in the film. After watched the film, Siva Kumar’s relative Gnanavel Raja was stunned and asked Ameer to hand over the film again to release under the banner of Studio Green once again. It was alleged, when Ameer refused to do that, they approached some political personalities to compel Ameer to hand over the film. A helplessAmeer gave away the film to Studio Green again and filed a complaint with the Tamil Producers Council. The President of the council, Rama Narayanan told Ameer to allow releasing of the film first, and solve the dispute later.

Now, the film has created a new record in the box office and is nearing its 100th day of successful running. The debutant hero of the film Karthi, son of Sivakumar and cousin of the producer Gnanavel Raja, has become the new darling of Tamil viewers. But the maker of the film Ameer is still under enormous pressure and financial trouble. Despite his repeated attempts in getting his payment reimbursed , as well as recovering his own money spent for the completion of the film, the producers council hasn’t taken any action on this issue. Source: TamilStar