Ajith Kumar’s official letter on dissolving fans club

I started my career with ‘Amaravathi’ and now my 50th film ‘Mankatha’ is all set for release. I would like to this opportunity to thank my co-stars, filmmakers, producers, technicians, journalists, fans and public and my family members. I have been over a deep thought making a decision upon an issue and now I felt like announcing it.

I have never used my fans for my personal interests and will never do such things at any point of time. If my films are good, they have the rights to appreciate it and on pars if not done well, they own the rights to criticize and advise me. At the same time, I am clear about the fact that all my fans are not the members of my fans club. I have never differentiated my fans on this ground.

The fans club members haven’t been affirmative towards my requests and there is no unity amongst them. It makes me so distressed to see that some of them have misused the fans club identity in political arenas.

I also believe and want the fans to be involved in social activities without being a heaviness for their family members. Social services need not be carried on only with the support of Fans Club, it’s enough if one has a good motive and thoughts.

Thereby, I would like to make it clear that from my birthday, i.e. from May 1, 2011 onwards I have decided to dissolve my Fans Club.

At this point of time, when the entire globe is going for an abrupt transition in terms of development and advancement, I don’t think ‘Fans Club’ is a real need for situation. An actor needn’t have any connection on any grounds apart from his profession. It’s more than enough if people feel it good, appreciate or criticize his performance and thusly making his career effective.

Live and Let me Live!!!!

Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar’s official letter on dissolving fans club