It’s time to welcome the digitally re-mastered version of M.G.R’s ‘Rickshawkaran’

The digitally re-mastered version of MGR’s Rickshawkaran will hit the screens soon.

An ardent fan of MGR is digitally restoring his 1971 blockbuster Rickshawkaran as a tribute to his matinee idol and releasing it in a big way

Many films can come and go in this vast cinematic world but only few films have created history. One among them is M.G.R’s Rickshawkaran. Well packed with Action, Love, Comedy and Sentiment, the film ‘Rickshawkaran’ not only hit the box office but also bagged the ‘Best Actor of Tamilnadu’ – ‘Bharath’ award for M.G.R. The film the 1971 film ‘Rickshawkaran’ that was produced by ‘Sathya Movies’ is now all set to resurrect with Digital touch. The film is now digitally re-mastered and released by P.Mani – T.K.Krishnakumar of ‘Kwality Cinema’ and K.Ramu of ‘Film Vision’.

Right from my childhood, I am a zealous fan and sincere devotee of MGR I have grown up watching Thalaivar’s films. I have never missed FDFS of his movies. I hail from a business family and have no links in cinema. Out of love and affection towards MGR, I have ventured into this — the first being Rickshawkaran, which is very close to my heart,” Kovai-based Krishnakumar tells DC.

He adds, “As far as I am concerned, MGR is the only Superstar of Tamil cinema. Since Rickshawkaran is a mass movie, I am releasing it in 100 screens in Tamil Nadu and I am confident of its success.” The icing on the cake is that Krishnakumar is releasing the film’s trailer on August 21 at Devi Paradise in Chennai — the same venue where the film was released 47 years ago. Plans are on to release it in September.