Take One production Presents “Parents”

Take One production is a new film production company and producing Parents the movie as their first venture. Vamsi Krishnan is playing the lead role while Ruchika Babar is doing the heroine character. Pavithra Logesh, Bharani, K Viswanath and Habeeb are the other stars in this movie.
Synopsis: Being an abandoned guy the hero grows himself and does not accept others sympathy and helps. Though He himself finished his IAS training he postponed the examination for one year. Why he postponed the examination since its his only dream of his life..? Who are his father and mother..? Who is the reason behind his isolation from his family..? and How he will find his parents is the story of the film “Parents”.

With small evidences on his hands he searches his parents in Karaikkal, Hyderabad, Goa and Mumbai. A girl helps in his attempts and became his love interest as well.

Whether he found out his parents..? and became an IAS officer..? are the remaining story.

There are six songs in this movie. S K Balachandran has composed the songs. It is notable that he has composed music or the film Kalla Thuppaki.
As said above Parents – the movie’s shot is happening in Karaikkal, Hyderabad, Goa ,Mumbai and some parts of Chennai.

This movie is expected to be released on August.

Anandh Ravi has written story, screenplay and dialogue for this movie. Shamshath is doing Cinematography. All six songs have been written by Tamizhamuthan. K Anil is doing editing and Selvaraghu is the Pro for this movie.

Vamsi Krishnan himself produces Parents for his Take One Production

Parents Tamil Movie Gallery
Movie Name PARENTS
Banner Take One Productions
Producer Vamsee Krishnan
Dialogue,Direction. Anand Ravi
Cinematographer Shamdat
Music S.K. Balachandran
Editor Anil K.
Lyrics Tamizh Amudan
Audio Vega Music
Casting Vamsee Krishnan
Roochika Babbar
Pavitra Lokesh
K. Viswanath
PRO Selvaragu

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Parents Tamil Movie Stills

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