Lekhafoods.com is a venture promoted by legendary Chennai ad film maker Mr.Lekha Rathnakumar, who carries in him, over three decades of experience in the creative arts world. He has been an ad maker, TV serial and film producer, and a music composer with a recent venture in Hollywood. He feels extremely passionate about food and has been involved with advertising in food industry extensively throughout his career. With this venture, he aims to bring food lovers from across the world to a one stop shop to feed their zeal too.

We have listed over 10000 recipes from all over the globe. They have been categorized according to their classification (soups, salads, appetizers, snacks, main course, dessert and beverages) or the country/region they originate from (India, USA, France, Italy, China, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Germany, Australia). With such a wide collection of recipes, amateur as well as expert chefs will be motivated to convert their endeavors to palette rewarding dishes!

In order to enrich cooks across the world, recipes have also been listed according to the cooking technique (pressure cooking, microwave cooking, BBQ, Baking, Health food etc) and also according to the primary ingredient (like rice, pasta, varieties of meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, chocolate, fruits etc.)

The effort has been to ensure that anybody who visits us here looking for something does not click the ‘close’ button without finding their answers. We also have a unique feature of several popular recipes on video for cooking enthusiasts.

Apart from trivia like the stock market update and the weather information, we have also brought together a bunch of extremely informative articles on food and culture from across the globe, which will enlighten food lovers about how intricately the fiber of food is woven in our culture. There is enough info to share to bring our visitors closer to the ingredients they have been cooking with.

We are sure this collection of mouth watering recipes with visually enticing images will make you visit again and again.

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