Recently tamil Actor Vishal’s Bharani is released in the city it is making good funds for the distrubutors. The casting of Bharani are Vishal, Bhanu, Viay Kumar, Prabhu, Nazar, Nadiya, Manorama etc. It is a Family oriented movie in which Prabhu acted as Vishal’s uncle and Nadia as his Aunt.Nadiya and Prabhu gets departs due to some clashes and differences between them. Nadiya’s father is Vijaya kumar and her brother is Nazar in the movie.

Vishal played a negative character in the 1st half and becomes a good person in the 2nd half. The whole story is about how he tries to make two families together. The film is making a big bash in the industry and the cast and crew of the Bharani film are on Vijaya yathra this week in Andhra and next week in telangana area. After this movie Vishal is planning for a direct telugu movie in which he is gonna play a Police officer Role. Lets wish Vishal a big success for his fore coming films