Shivaji in 23 theatres in Chennai

Sivaji will be screened in more than 23 theaters in the city. For the first time in the history of Tamil Cinema will a movie be released and screened in so many theatres. Since the Government is not in favour of the hike in ticket rates, the producer and distributors has been decided to release the film in large number of theaters so that they can easily recover their investment in the very first week of screening.

The Boss is all set to arrive in style. The much-awaited Sivaji’s first phase of release for Chennai city has been finally announced. The details are as follows: Abirami Cineplex which includes Abirami, Annai Abirami, Bala Abirami and Sakthi Abirami will all ignite its screens with The Boss. Udayam will showcase the movie at all its four theatres.

Only in Chennai, there are 23 theatres getting ready to screen the film. Some of the confirmed theatres that will release the film are as follows:

Albert and Baby Albert (2 Screens), Shanthi complex (Santhi and Minisanthi) (2 screens) and both the theatres at the Jayapradha Theatre complex will also feature the movie, Abhirami Complex (4 Screens), Sathyam Complex (2 screens), Inox (3 screens), Udayam (4 screens), Jayapradha (2 screens), Kasi, Brinda, Bharath and Kamala.

Apart from these, there are more than 30 theaters are getting ready to screen the film in the suburban area. Kamala Theater campus was jubilant mood as they are showing their first Rajini film in a span of two decades. For Kasi, it will be its first ever Rajini film screened.