Paruthi Veeran, the film in which Suriya’s brother Karthi will be making his debut as the hero has changed hands.  This was announced at a press conference recently, this film was originally produced under the banner of Studio Green (Suriya’s home banner) but now director Ameer has taken over the entire film.

Paruthi Veeran was exclusively shot in and around Theni and Madurai. Yuvan Shankar Raja scores music for this movie. Ameer handles story, screenplay, dialogues and direction.

While talking about the film, the director said, “Karthi has delivered a mind-blowing and a realistic performance. I have introduced 60 new faces who have never been in front of the camera, and all these artistes have dubbed for themselves in order to give the movie a stamp of authenticity.”  Ameer also dismissed the rumours that the original Paruthi Veeran’s family had objected to this film as it has nothing to do with him.  Priya Mani is the heroine and it is said that she has done a good job too even though she has not worn any make up-on screen.

As the movie is aiming for a national award, all the artistes including the heroine have been made to dub their own voices, as this is one of the main criteria for award selection. A visibly thrilled Karthi, who plays the title role, says, “I think I am blessed to work with a director like Ameer in my debut film itself. Though a lot of people say that I sound like my brother Suriya, I want to develop a style of my own and at the same time I want to live up to my father’s and brother’s reputations as well.”  According to Ameer, the highlights of this film are Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music, as he attempts a village-based theme for the first time, and Ramjhi’s camera work because the entire film has been shot using only natural light.