Vijay TV’s Super Singer Junior, the hunt for Tamil Nadu’s kid singer in a reality format, which is gaining popularity among the young and the old alike, moves onto the next phase as the competition gets tougher, said a spokesperson of Vijay TV. The kids now have to excel each other and fight for their spot on the ‘A’ list.

The selected kids from the three zones were faced with a challenge when they were judged by Mahathi, Mathangi and Pop Shalini and only 21 survived. Now, these 21 kids are ready to face the next challenge as the competition moves into the battlefield of glossy sets. They will have to prove their mettle in front of the panel of judges comprising ‘Chinna Kuyil’ Chitra and Usha Uthup, pop singer.

Usha Uthup has a gala time with the kids giving them tips to improve and encouraging them.

Chitra, known as the Nightingale of the South, with her constant smile, is a source of strength to the juniors.

The set is vibrant as the kids outdo each other and impress the judges with their mesmerising voices and innocent smiles. But the rule is the same; only the fittest survive; 16 of the contestants will move on to the next round. To know who are the fittest tune into Super Singer Junior on April 27 and 28, 2007, at 8 p.m. on Vijay TV. (R Rangaraj)

Source:Chennai Online