Chennai, 8th April ’10: To celebrate its success of setting-up more than 50 schools across India in 1yr; Zee School organized a press conference in Chennai which was graced by Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel Group. Zee School now is the second largest chain of schools in the private-unaided category with 55 schools across 48 cities.

With a mission to improve the Human Capital of India, Zee School pledge’s to provide quality education with the help of its unique pedagogy, Litera Octave. Zee School strongly believes that if each student realizes her unique potential, collectively India will realize its true potential of a world super power.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel Group, “With more than 50 Zee Schools already setup across the country, we are taking a strong step towards improving the human capital of the country by helping each Zee school child realize his/her unique potential”

South being an educational hub, Zee School currently has 15 schools in 13 cities making it the largest zone. The company had laid out investments of Rs.350cr in 2008 towards setting up new schools and continuous innovation on learning content.

Zee School – The fastest growing chain of School in India

Zee School aims to reach the 300 school mark across the country by 2015. South being a promising region for P12 school segment, Zee School targets to expand its presence in 25 more cities.

Mr. Sumeet Mehta, CEO, Zee Learn expressed, “Since its launch on 17th December 2008, Zee Schools has reached more than 50 in number and is the fastest growing school chain in the country. Also, Zee Schools is now the second largest chain of schools in the private-unaided category. Accounting for 40% of the overall growth for 2009-10 and 300% YoY growth for Zee Schools, south is a very attractive market which has shown tremendous response to our endeavors.

There is a huge potential and demand for quality schools in India. With around 250 Million children already in the school-going age, this number is set to increase. As of now, the lack of quality schools is the prime concern. Over 40% children in India are enrolled in only 7% of total schools. These schools are mostly from the private-unaided segment. With, such a skewed ratio, the need for schools that can provide quality and comprehensive education to children is imminent. This is where Zee Schools are set to play an instrumental role in providing quality and comprehensive education.

Zee schools unique, proprietary education model – Litera Octave provides students with the opportunity to achieve their true, unique potential. Litera Octave is an integrated educational model that has been honed over years of research and development. It integrates various pillars such as content, infrastructure, classroom design, assessment and systems that impact the child during his/her learning and development in school.