Sathyam Cinemas equips 6 screens with Qube XP-D DCI Compliant digital cinema servers and Barco DP-100 DLP Cinemaâ„¢ projectors

The Qube XP-D digital cinema server has been installed in all six screens at Sathyam Cinemas flagship multiplex in Chennai, making the complex completely digital with DCI compliant systems. Qube provides end-to-end solutions for digital cinema and the Qube XP-D server is built to conform to the requirements of the DCI Specification.

As one of India’s premium exhibitors, Sathyam Cinemas has always been alert to developments in digital cinema and ready to embrace new technologies. The flagship complex in Chennai has set a benchmark for cinema exhibition since its establishment in 1975. Sathyam Cinemas has always been at the forefront of technological developments in the Indian market and the recent upgrade of every screen in this complex to Qube XP-D servers and Barco DP-100 projectors is one more example of this commitment.

Kiran Reddy, Managing Director, Sathyam Cinemas says, “We are committed to bringing the highest quality in digital exhibition to our patrons, just as Qube Cinema is committed to providing technology that meets global standards in quality, flexibility and reliability. In this regard, just as every screen at Sathyam’s flagship location at Chennai is installed with DCI compliant servers and projectors today, we have decided that every one of our new builds will also be thus equipped; and that film projectors will be installed in just a few screens.”

With every screen at this location installed with the Qube XP-D DCI compliant server, Sathyam Cinemas can be now seen as the first cinema complex in Asia to be fully digital with DCI compliant equipment. Qube Cinema hopes this is the beginning of a large scale conversion to D-Cinema in the Indian market.

“We have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Sathyam Cinemas and are happy to be an important part of their pioneering initiative in the Indian market. Their role in showcasing DCI quality digital cinema to the Indian film community has been very significant and some of the top directors and cinematographers in the country have greatly appreciated the quality of D-Cinema, having seen both Indian and Hollywood content here. It is now certain that Indian exhibitors will embrace D-Cinema for their premium screens in key cities across the country,” says Senthil Kumar, Director, Qube Cinema, Inc.

About Qube Cinema, Inc.:

Qube Cinema, Inc. is a company with a passion for cinema and a thorough understanding of film, video, audio and computer technology along with vast experience in the production, post-production and exhibition industries – a unique combination of expertise that has helped in the development of the company’s digital cinema technology. A subsidiary of India-based Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema, Inc. draws on decades of domain expertise in the media and entertainment space as well as long-standing relationships with key technology leaders.

Qube Cinema offers end-to-end digital cinema solutions built to conform to the DCI standard wherever applicable – from Mastering to Distribution to Exhibition to Archival. Its core is the Qube XP digital cinema player that leverages standard computer processing power through a unique software architecture that makes Qube a powerful, flexible and easily upgradeable system. The Qube XP server is perhaps the only system in the world that is format independent – meaning it can play DCI JPEG2000, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC [H.264] and Windows Media 9 [VC1] out of the same box and even in the same show. The Qube XP digital cinema server is in use in over 400 cinemas across North America, Europe and Asia while QubeMaster, the digital cinema mastering solution, has been used to master over 300 feature films.

Qube Cinema’s dedicated and efficient team and its world-class technology and software are a powerful combination that will help realize the organization’s vision of being a global leader in digital cinema technology.

About Sathyam Cinemas:

Originally the Royal Theatre Complex built by the Raja (King) of Venkatagiri in 1975, Sathyam Cinemas is today an up-market multiplex in the heart of Chennai. The multiplex is also a recipient of the ISO 9001 certificate and has six screens which host an array of films in English, Tamil, Hindi and occasionally, other Indian languages. With luxurious seating, high quality picture and sound, delivery-on-call booking, online ticket booking and ordering of food online, Sathyam also houses Magic Hat – a supervised play area for children, whose parents are away at the movies, the first of its kind in India. Sathyam is also the first theatre complex in India to introduce the D-cinema in India and brand it as RDXâ„¢, the Real Digital eXperience. The brand Sathyam is very popular among all classes of society for its first class quality in service and for its novel concepts like “Lights On” – a forum where you can meet and interact with the best artistes from the world of cinema.