Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club of Chennai Towers to empower underprivileged single destitute women

-Fulfills Ambika’s dream of owning and driving an auto for occupation-

Chennai, Saturday, January 29, 2011: Naam Foundation is a women support group, which endeavours to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged single destitute women in our society. Spearheaded by Ms.Suhasini Maniratnam (actor & director), the foundation is powered by a group of equally enthusiastic, mission-driven and socially responsible women from various industries.

In an event organized by Naam Foundation today, the President of Rotary Club of Chennai Towers (RCCT), Ms. Raji Vijaysarathy, along with her fellow Rotarians, handed over the auto keys to Ambika, a Naam beneficiary.

About Ambika:

Ambika, is 31 years old, working as a maid in three households to meet her and her daughter’s daily needs. She has chosen the unconventional & male dominated profession of an Auto Driver, just to prove to the society and more so to her husband, that she, as a woman is in no way inferior to men and can be successful in this profession. Her husband had abandoned her and two young daughters 10 years back, for another woman. With sheer grit & determination, Ambika has today, realized her dream of becoming an auto driver with the support of Naam Foundation and RCCT. She is the first Naam woman to do so.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Raji Vijaysarathy, said “Rotary Club of Chennai Towers is very happy to support and sponsor the needs of underprivileged women like Ambika. It is heartening to see them being empowered and their lives being transformed for good. I thank  Naam Foundation for this opportunity and congratulate Ms. Suhasini and her team for doing such a wonderful work”.

Thanking RCCT, for their kind gesture, Ms. Suhasini said “Not just Ambika, but her fellow beneficiaries who are present here today, have also been motivated to dream big and achieve more in their lives”. “Going forward, Naam Foundation looks forward to RCCT’s continued patronage in bridging such social inequalities and building an inclusive society for single women” she added.

Doing it the NAAM Way :

NAAM strongly believes that a onetime monetary assistance will only cause the

problem to recur; instead what is needed is a deeper problem analysis and addressing the

issues arising out of this problem. NAAM Foundation is doing just that. We are working on a scientific way of resolving the issue. Here we talk to them, assure them of our support, counsel them and try to understand what they really need. Their needs and requirements are classified, assessed and addressed.

So far, Naam has helped empower about 100 women in the last 11 months. Based on

their individual requirements Naam supports them with educational aids, for their children, provides medical assistance, better job and self-employment opportunities through counseling & skills training, so that they can look forward to a future of hope and advancement.

Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club Gallery

Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club Stills

Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club Stills

Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club Stills

Naam Foundation joins hands with Rotary Club Photo Gallery