Krishnakshi Sharma a.k.a. Maanu a versatile multi-faceted artist has trained under various recknowned gurus such as Smt. Padma Haragopal (ex. Sr. Teacher of Kalakshetra) and the Dhananjayans (Bharata Kalanjali) in the Dance form of Bharatanatyam. She is also a Vishanad in Manipuri and Kathak Dance styles under the University of Bhatkande, Lucknow. She has also completed her Academics in B.A. (History) from the University of Madurai.

This versatile personality through the sheer grace and beauty of her dance style has carved a niche for herself in this highly competitive filed and has won the hearts of all due art lovers and critics alike. She is now a leading performing artist under various productions that have performed and won global acclaim.

Kathal Mannan Actress Manu's Kunjum Salangai Dance Show Stills

Her artistic exploration began at the tender age of four in Assam, Guwahati where she was born. This beautiful but arduous journey has seen her wining not only National but also International accolades.

In this journey, her constant artistic exploration saw her venturing out into new horizons such as movie acting. Maanu has acted as the heroine in the movie `Kadal Mannan’ opposite the star Ajith Kumar, which was directed by Saran. Presently she is also actively involved as an actor in various short films and T.V. commercials.

This constant self exploration has led her to reach beyond the confines of traditional classical form and experimenting with various other art forms like Theatre and contemporary dance. Her growth as an artist led to the creation of a art company called “MANU arts” through which she not only promotes art but also looks for the terminally ill patients. She has also extended her creative ability as a costume designer under the label `MANU’.

Kathal Mannan Actress Manu's Kunjum Salangai Dance Show Stills

To name a few of her professional accomplishment as a lead artist……….

1.         Under the CCA productions (2001 – 2007)

i)              The living tree (India, USA, Canada)

ii)             Silapathikaram (India, USA, Canada)

iii)            Ekanta Sita (India, USA, Canada)

2.         Under Bharatakalanjali productions

i)              Sangeetha Maruthi (India, USA, Myanmar)

ii)             Agni Samhoota (India, USA, Canada)

iii)            Mahabhanata, etc. (India, USA, Canada)

3.         Under Radhika Surjith productions

i)              Kujum chalangai (India)

ii)             Murali Madhuri

iii)            Aathal kaneero,etc

4.         Under Lakshmi Vishwanathan Productions (2004-2005)

i)              Vidya Sundari and other classical performances (India).

5.         Nrithya Tharotsav with dancer actor vineeth (Dubai, Srilanka)

6.         Under Apsara Arts and RDG of Singapore (2008)

i)              Shivagami theatre dance production  (Singapore) and various contemporary and classical performances and training.

7.         Under peoples’ Association of Singapore (2007)

i)              Sound wave and training classes.

8.         Cine Classic award night (2006)

9.         Star Vijay Utsav  “NAVARASA”(2006)

10.  Margam in Sathir dance drama, Singapore (2008),

11.  “Varna” dance drama directed and staged for Bhishan CC(Singapore 2010)

12.   Costume designed for theatre” TAJMAHAAL”  (Singapore 2011),etc

Kathal Mannan Actress Manu’s Kunjum Salangai Dance Show Gallery

Kathal Mannan Actress Manu's Kunjum Salangai Dance Show Stills

Kathal Mannan Actress Manu’s Kunjum Salangai Dance Show Photo Gallery