Dasavatharam: May be release by November

The movie Dashaavtaram was made under cover. There was not much news leaked about the movie. Now the Producer Oscar Ravichandran has spoken a little about the movie. This movie is one of the the most expensive movies made till date.

Dashaavtaram’s producer Oscar Ravichandran, who got to view the rushes, reportedly shared his views with a few in the media.

According to sources, Director planned to winding up the shooting by August and to work on post-production work for the movie.

As the movie name suggests, Kamal Haasan plays ten diverse roles in the movie and all news about his roles is yet to go public. These roles include a remarkable one as a fair old man, one as U.S. president Bush, one as an old female and one with a comical leer in Japanese make-up. Dashaavtaram, directed by K.S. Ravikumar, has roped in Himesh Reshammiya from Mumbai for music. Asin plays the heroine and there is the gorgeous Mallika Sherawat in the cast too.

The post-production will take two months, so Dashaavtaram may get release on November. It’s still a prediction about the release date; so far their is no official claim from the team.