Thala Ajith’s super hit Tamil film Yennai Arindhaal, titled Satyadev IPS dubbed into Kannada was set to release in 60 theaters on Friday.

The ban on dubbing movies in other languages to Kannada was put in place many years ago, when the Kannada film industry was still in its infancy. Members of a pro-Kannada organisation barged into the Roopam theater where Satyadev IPS dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Yennai Arindhaal’, a Tamil movie dubbed into Kannada was being screened and disrupted the show on Friday.

In spite of many activists asking for a lift on the ban, most Kannada actors and groups are against it.

Shivanand Muttannavar, a municipal corporation member and Kannada activist, said, “We will not allow the screening of any movies dubbed into Kannada. “Allowing Sathyadev IPS would open the gates of Sandalwood to other language producers who would dump their movies here. If this happens there will be nothing Kannada in Sandalwood,” said an activist.