Being China’s 1st streeting fighting motion picture, is also an independent movie.
The story began in telling about a young thug, YueFeng, with exceptional abilities who devoted his time into street fighting and eventually became
the “King.”
However, during a one time combat, YueFeng accidentally killed his opponent and was sentenced to prison for 8 years.
The years passed by slowly and YueFeng was finally released. On top of suppressing his strength, he also became down to earth, in hope to live a new life filled with gratitude and atonement.
Unfortunately, it seemed as though life never granted him a second chance.

With brotherhood destroyed, family members murdered, loved one humiliated… a chain reaction of incidents triggered YueFeng to once again unleash himself.

When darkness filled the streets, he became determined to take all matters into his own hands and bring back… justice.

Yue Song

• Yue Song
• Li Yufei
• Kang En
• Yang Jianping
• Yang Junping
• Li Changhai ??

Also Known As:
Jie Tou Zhi Wang

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Action

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The King of the Streets Movie Stills

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Director and lead actor:
YUE Song
Practicing martial art from young, YUE is skilled at many types of martial arts including boxing, kickboxing,Sanda,Thai boxing, JeetKune Do, MMA mixed martial arts, Jiu-jitsu etc. He also create fantastic unique skills like “bullet punches”, “somersault in the 7 meter high air” and “seven routine of snatching spear”.
YUE’s power, energy and speed in his martial arts skills look alike to Bruce Lee.Flexible airshift, burst of energyduring superbcombat fights is winning applause from the kung fu manias.
The tough and real style of the film without using safety gears attracts high attention from internet, and YUE said to be the one of martial art actor who can compare with Bruce Lee. The film “King of Streets” would the the new standard of martial arts.In the film, YUE plays opposite more than 10 top world boxers.

?LOS ANGELES given file was released on July 27 street fighting movie “Street Kings” has recently released the first poster successfully detonated the viewers eye, exactly like Bruce Lee and “Young and Dangerous” combination of shape, so that viewers can not wait to one see the movie Mir.
“Tattooed on the back” to show the movie blood theme
??”Street Kings” directed by and starring the legendary Wu by Yue Song portrait to join the World Muay Thai master Yang Jianping, Conn. Recently released the first poster, the dark background, a huge tiger back engraved with the “King of the Streets,” the fourth title, people immediately think of “Young and Dangerous” from the classic style. Eagle tattoo on his left shoulder meaning, such as eagles dominate the sky. Audience more curious about whether there will be much the film’s violence scale. According to director Yuesong said, “The dark background is the real streets of the color, dark, cold, chose to back positive too many injuries, too bloody, worried that the audience can not accept. The back of the impact will be more subtle in left to the audience to imagine the space. ”
??Refused to style and no substance reproduction of the classic moves of Bruce Lee
??”Street Kings” is the most anticipated film, dazzling martial arts tricks, complicated and yet the atmosphere, revealing the dream burst of passion violence. It is reported that the “Street Kings” gathered more than the domestic world-class, including the including director Yuesong I Muay Thai expert, fact-starred in the play a lot of blood fighting scenes, many a duel scenes are vehement frequency is Bruce Lee classic tricks, to retain the original essence of the martial arts. Yue Song “as Guoneishoubu pure street fighting movie” Street Kings “declined to style and no substance, to pay tribute to Bruce Lee era of pure fist kung fu, can bring the audience a real Chinese martial arts film world. ”
??Directed by the legend of the 24-year-old Wu Renyang overseas
??According to reports, the director of “Street Kings” starring Yuesong 14 years old Jackie Chan(microblogging), the effort and heroism attracted Since then, aspires to be the best action actor. The age of 16, his coach Weapons taken the first step to dream. Continued to improve their own martial arts at the age of 19, Yuesong Paid £ 1000, and boarded a plane to the UK, started his career in his career. In the UK, the Yuesong try to Muay Thai and learn inch boxing, kickboxing and Sanshou martial arts blend together. , Yuesong effort soon attracted a large number of martial arts enthusiasts. 2005, Yue Song in the UK, opened a martial arts, martial arts enthusiasts of all countries have come here especially at a time when Yuesong only 24 years old.
??It is reported that the “street king” by Beijing Yuesong Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Pan-Asian Visual Culture Communication Co., Ltd., SIM clear video equipment rental (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Fujian Sunny film distribution Co., Ltd. issued, time ( Sunny) movie marketing studio publicity, will be officially released July 27.