Its another one of the gems from Cheran’s bouquet of nostalgic treats. If the movie Autograph made every person go back in time and relate to the love at different times of their lives, Pokkisham relates to every couple who stayed afar and exchanged love letters.

The location that Cheran has chosen for his nostalgia blends in completly with the story. Kolkatta and Nagore have their own cultural richness which comes across well in the movie. Art director Vairabalan has taken extreme care in recreating the atmosphere of the 1970’s and deserves applause for his work. The post offices, the hospital, the roads, the buildings are perfectly made to resemble the timeframe of 1970.

Pokkisham Movie Review

Mahesh (Aryan) is the son of Lenin (Cheran) who passed away a few years ago. When looking for some property documents he comes across a bunch of well preserved letters which are not addressed to his mom but to a girl named Nadhira. The movie moves into a flash back where we come to know that Lenin, who works as sailor meets Nadhira a muslim girl at a hospital.

When he is posted in Kolkatta, Lenin and Nadhira develop their love by the beautiful love letters they exchange(the only mode of communication). Circumstances force the couple to separate and a bunch of Lenin’s letter goes undelivered. Mahesh takes it upon himself to find Nadhira and deliver the last set of letters.

Cheran does a double excellent job as both the actor and the director and Padmapriya adds to the value of the movie. Excellent cinematography by Rajesh Yadav and Sabesh Murali’s music is perfect.

On the whole, another nostalgic treat which takes us back in time.