From “The Citizen” to a Citizen – Live & Let Live!!!

‘Lifes a journey not a destination ‘the popular adage has been one that has been endorsed by all. Making this journey worthful and interesting has been one of the most important traits of Actor Ajith. In recent times we have seen the actor giving a chance to scores of youngsters in his flicks. The latest addition to this is the movie directed by Siva and produced by Vijaya productions. The untitled movie has actors Bala, Vidaarth, Munish and Suhail acting alongside with Ajith.
Young actor Munish while meeting Ajith says he got an opportunity to not just get a glimpse of filmdom and its intricacies but also jottings on leading a peaceful and content life. “Work hard! Pay your taxes! Respect your elders and devote enough time for your family! Donate a part of your income to the needy! Neither impose your thoughts on others nor let them impose theirs on you! Don’t let money alone decide who you work with! Live and let live! These are not words of advice but an experience of a journey called life” said Ajith with his trademark humble and genuine smile.

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